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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally, the modem has arrived

It's almost time to start packing and I am just able to post. The story is a long one, and after talking to friends here, not an uncommon one. Let me just say that some people in France will put out an exceptional effort to service customers, and some will not.

It has been a wonderful adventure, and as I post over the next few weeks, I will share remineces, if not daily adventures. The photo is Sally, enjoying a stroll around Pujols, a little gem of a village deep in the Lot. Rowena took me here when I came down to her home so that I could join her village knitting group for Worldwide Knit in Public Day. I think in France it is called Journee du Mondiale Tricoter. What an experience to sit in the shade of an ancient windmill with a group of French knitters. I could feel the hands across centuries of women, who for generations have gotten together to practice needle arts. I must give a hand to, the network for knitters. Without Ravelry, I wouldn't have met Karen, Debbie (who also hosted a knitting sleepover), Rowena, Allison, and the women knitters of Montpezat.
But, it wasn't all about knitting, either.

This trip started in a special way, as my daughter Mary made her first visit to France. I was afraid she wouldn't like the food, and the comment I got was; "How am I ever going to eat the food in Kentucky after France?" I am proud to say she tried everything from the jambon to the foie gras. When Mary arrived with me in mid-May, we contemplated a fire a couple of nights. I am pleased to report that the weather has warmed, vines are growing, and receiving plenty of water. Most of the cherry crop is in, and if most are like my neighbor Gill, the confitures, chutneys, and fruits in eau d'vie are already well underway. The wonder of France in the Spring, is the chance to be so close to the "terrior" that you can appreciate every perfectly ripe cherry. On to the apricots!
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