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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Talking Politics

I usually don't talk politics in social situations while in France. It's not that I don't like to talk about politics, I just don't want to offend. Here at home, I have some friends, whom I enjoy, but their politics are so far from mine, that we generally leave it alone. But it is always interesting to hear how people who live in Europe feel about America and our politics.

Several years ago, at a neighbors barbecue in France, Monique, turned to me and said, in French, "and what about George Bush?" I responded, "and what about Chirac?" At least George Bush hasn't been brought up on charges yet. I never feel it's proper, when I am visiting another country to bad mouth my president. (even if I didn't vote for him)

The other evening I had dinner with my French tutor and her family. Discussion was quite lively. I was really glad to learn that it was the French who introduced democracy to Europe, and that was a reason the British were often at odds with the French. It's great, even when you live in a new country, to be proud of your native heritage. I suppose it's a good thing that each country is allowed to write their own history.

Today, a couple of photos of a famous Frenchman, alas, not a politician, more a would-be lover; Cyrano d'Bergerac....I took these in Bergerac, I try to snap one every time I visit this town. Sometimes his nose is there, sometimes it's not!

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Mary said...

And of course the French revolution was very highly inspired by what they had seen of the American revolution.