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Friday, September 11, 2009

Ice, Ace Bandages, Duct Tape and Expedited Passports

Traveling allows for all those new experiences, sights, food, shopping...but you are always missing something at home. I have spent a good chunk of the Spring and Fall for the last ten years in France. I wouldn't change that. This week, as I was racing around with last minute details (like expedited passport), and five days of tennis, there was a little twinge of what I would miss here in California over the next six weeks.

I play a little tennis here in California. Great group of women, and being part of a team with all the comradeship and competition was really unexpected at this point in my life. This week I had two matches, with different partners. We pulled out a win both times. The small price is my foot encased in an Ace bandage, and my right hand wrapped as well. Ice is something I look to put on the aching hand and foot, not in my margarita. Out on the court, with adrenaline pumping, the pain fades, and I concentrate on not letting my partner and team down. I will miss the rest of the matches in September and October, but look forward to some Anglo-American-Franco competition in France. You can't do everything. Stepping away and into an ancient village life puts a different perspective on tennis and life.

Almost every village seems to have tennis courts in France. My friends in the next village send their two little boys for tennis lessons on Saturdays. When they come out to play against me, it's with a wooden racket and knee braces. Ah ha! you might think. But no, it is all a ruse, they are lovely players who clean my clock. We adjourn to the bar for aperitifs to celebrate their win!

Next week the Nuit du Patromonie in St Emilion on Saturday, dinner at L'Envers du Decor and fireworks. I will keep you posted on what is happening on the otherside of the pond!
A beintot.

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