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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Most Prolific Fig Tree in France

Autumn is always a favorite time to return to France. The apple trees are heavy with fruit, grapes are ripe, pomegranates weigh down the branches in our garden. Then there is the fig tree. We used to have two fig trees, but they so shaded the garden we took one out. The remaining tree gets pruned back every winter, but grows so large, and bears so many figs that it is almost a nuisance. I can't share them with friends or neighbors, because they all have fig trees. I loved making cherry jam in the spring, but the thought of spending hours making fig jam doesn't thrill me. With each breath of wind and or rain shower, figs rain down on the terrace, the stones, causing fig "poop" to stick to the bottom of our shoes.

Then there is Sally, who mooches about looking for the perfect fig to eat. I have no idea how figs affect dogs, but she seems none the worse for wear.

This is Monday, a quiet day for antiques but we had a great weekend shopping. A big yellow tian bowl, and the largest confit pot I've ever had were among the finds.


Anonymous said...

Hello Terry,

I have a fabulous recipe for pomegranate jelly if you'd like it. It's the perfect taste of fall. And maybe you should invent your own "French" version of a fig newton. That could be delicious. Or thumb print cookies with fig instead of jam. Ok, I'll leave you be now.

: ) Lisa

Terry said...

I would love a pomegranate jelly recipe. We have baskets of them.

Anonymous said...

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